The hotel availability is by default split up in a map and a list of hotels and rates in order to give the best possible overview of the returned options. Agreement rates on hotels are clearly marked both on the map and on the list.


The availability and selection process is extremely flexible and gives the traveller the full control to either tailor-make their travel or select a predefined from the given criteria.

Room Selection

After selecting a specific hotel, further description, pictures and all the available room types will be shown and can be put in the basket for one or more travellers.


Basket & Booking

The booking process will secure that the hotel is guaranteed with credit card or IATA or charged directly to the customer for deposit or invoiced to the agency. The process is depending on customer setup and agreements with the hotel or chain.

Other Functionality

There is a wide range of additional hotel functionality & Features:

  • Advanced Policy Control
  • Hotel Agreement Handling
  • Loyalty Card Integration
  • Rich Content
  • And Much More