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Softinventor is your partner in all stages of software development and implementation.


Based on our many years of experience from several industries, we are able to assist our clients all the way from the initial analysis of their needs to the implementation and maintenance of the developed software solution.

For each customer and each project, we design a specific development framework that fits the individual needs, whether it is a solution based on existing standard solutions or if the customer needs a proprietary solution.

We manage the project along the way in close cooperation with our customers. Softinventor is also used by software companies as an extension of their own development team in connection with isolated tasks or as an integrated part of the development department on large projects.

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The development is API based client/server and browser based solutions primarily in MS Visual Studio .Net on SQL Server or Oracle.

Softinventor develops solutions in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 4.0 – client/server as well as browser based solutions on Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. Softinventor has already for many years been adhering to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), whereby we ensure the highest degree of reusability and the best return on investment (ROI) for our customers.

Softinventor supports all mobile platforms and furthermore, we are developing in Eclipse for Android and Xcode for iPhone and iPad. We are striving for as much reusability as possible and have selected HTML5 as the common denominator on the mobile platforms.

We are certified partner of Microsoft and Dell.

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We believe that close cooperation and design of an individual solution for each of our clients is the most efficient way to develop systems that support their business processes. To ensure a complete understanding of and solution to every challenge that face our clients, we work according to two widely known and refined methodologies in the IT industry; the waterfall model and the scrum approach. We then design and modify the relevant model according to our client’s needs and the nature of the project.

For software development projects with easily identifiable milestones, we use our own modified Waterfall approach, which is a linear and sequential methodology with the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the business challenge and existing IT system
  2. Requirement specification
  3. Prototyping
  4. Design specifications
  5. Development
  6. Performance and scalability tests, debugging
  7. User manuals guides
  8. Installation
  9. Maintenance and service

We use the Scrum framework for software development projects, which are difficult to plan in advance. The approach is based on an iterative, incremental and empirical approach to software development, where feedback of one phase is used for planning of the next phase of the development process. We use the Scrum approach in explorative and experimental development projects because the traditional predictive and sequential Waterfall approach is less likely to work in projects of an explorative nature.

The Scrum framework consists of various phases (sprints) of specific duration with well-defined tasks and responsibilities. After each sprint (phase), we collect the key learning points to evaluate and plan the goal and tasks for the next phase of development. A key assumption of the Scrum approach is that the customer or the nature of the project may change along the way and look very different at the end, than what was expected in the beginning.

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